Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Street Poster Art

Street poster art is a kind of graffiti, more specifically categorized as "street art". Posters are usually hand-made or printed graphics on thin paper. It can be understood as an art piece that is installed on the streets as opposed to in a gallery or museum, but by some it is not comprehended as a form of contemporary art.

To display these posters, the adhesive "wheatpaste" is most often used (due to it being cost-effective and very simple to make). Generally posters are found in suburban or urban areas and are posted on smooth surfaces. Poster art is considered a discipline or subcategory of Street art, notably distinct from vandalism and graffiti although it can address with political issues. Street art can be referred to as Post-Graffiti or Post-Modern Graffiti. Poster art is seen all over the world.


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